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FAQ About Mudjacking and Slabjacking

Common questions and answers about mudjacking and slab jacking

Mudjacking or slab jacking is a very precise method of concrete repair when sunken, uneven concrete is the problem.

The concrete needs to be sound. A few cracks are okay and will not hamper repairs. Mudjacking can raise and level just about any concrete pad, driveway, floor, sidewalk, walkway, porch or patio. It can raise and level any concrete structure such as poured concrete steps or stairs.

How much money will I save?

Approximately 60% to 80% over replacement of the concrete.

How is cement slurry better?

It has much higher load bearing characteristics. It is 100% environmentally friendly.


How is polyurethane better?

It is lighter weight and requires smaller holes.


How long does Mudjacking take?

 Most jobs are done in less than 3 hours due to our experience and efficient equipment.

Will my yard or sprinkler heads be damaged?

 No damage is done.


When can we drive on the driveway?

 The same day. That’s not always the case with some mud slurry with a waiting time of up to 5 days before you can drive on it.

How long does the concrete slurry take to dry?

 1-2 days.

Will I see any movement after the work is done?

 Sometimes the ground shrinks and the concrete will settle up to 1/2 inch in the drier months of the year. This is moisture related and nothing can prevent it.

How much room do you need to work?

 3-4 feet from the perimeter if working inside.


Is your work dusty or loud?

 The drill creates a small amount of dust and our equipment is powered by small gas engines.

Will my concrete crack?

 Sometimes old cracks that occurred while it was settling will open and new cracks may occur depending on the strength of the concrete, the amount we need to move it and the amount of steel used in the concrete.

Will the patched holes match my existing concrete?

 We will not be able to match perfectly, but get as close as possible.