Liftec Inc. - Mudjacking and Slabjackign Concrete Since 1999

The testimonials reproduced here just as they were written.

Over the years we have lifted and levelled many sunken steps, stairs, patios, porches, driveways, garage floors and pool decks.  Our customers are very happy with our service. You will be too!

Mudjacking is a very effective and money saving repair method for concrete pads and structures.

-Terry McDermott


"I am writing you to advise how impressed I am with the job that you were contracted to do on May 12, at my residence.  The overall experience from the quote, the workmanship and quality of work exceeded my expectations!!!

I built my house 8 years ago and had a coloured concrete patio, sidewalk and stairs installed at the rear of the house. Over the next several years the concrete settled towards the house from 4" to 6". This caused problems as the water drained towards the house. There was also a support for an overhang which settled with the concrete.

Recently we have not been able to open the upstairs window due to the settlement.  On May 12, your workers arrived in the morning. By early afternoon they had jacked the concrete back to the original levels.

I was amazed at how easily the concrete lifted and how well you were able to match the uneven joints concrete back together. I was even more amazed to see that by raising the concrete, the support post also moved which now permits us to open the upstairs window easily. 

The crew did a great job from beginning to end. 

I was somewhat nervous about having this done and contemplated having the concrete removed and replaced. After seeing the results I am very pleased that we made the right choice by hiring Liftec to repair the problem. I would be pleased to show or talk about your work to any clients who are in need of concrete repair.

Thanks again for a job well done." 

Yours truly,
Jim Brown

Mudjacking sidewalks

“We were amazed when the job was complete. All areas are now level and safe for walking and wheelchairs can get around on even ground, Thank you!”

Huron Sounds Non-Profit Homes Inc.


Raised cement pads around pool

“Very professional and neat job, they cleaned up after themselves. We were delighted how they demonstrated and explained how it works and the techniques used.”

Jim Blondin


"We were very happy with the service and results that Liftec provided us. Our 30 year old concrete pool deck was sinking up to 4 and 5 inches in spots. Liftec was able to create a smooth and level pool area - making it safe and comfortable for the family to enjoy. And it was all done within one day."

- Heather Bell-Benton

Concrete slab - gym floor

“Your service from beginning to end was excellent. A prompt price, on time, pleasant men to work with and job well done, many thanks and continued success.”

PBS Construction Services Ltd.


Raised and levelled large patio slab that was allowing water entry

“We are well satisfied with the results! It was cost effective, no mess or disruption to our home, environmentally friendly (no heavy machinery and landfill disposal costs), very professional presentation, experienced and friendly service.”

Joe and Irene Fossey